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Large Format, Large Volume

3D Printing Services

We are proud to offer high quality, affordable large format 3D printing services. With our custom designed machines, we can print on demand at real world scale.

42"x18"x21" One of our Custom 3D Printers

16"x16"x21" Our "Standard" 3D Printer

Standard 3D printer

gMax Print Volume Capabilities Box Examples
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print volume_small_181211.jpg
The gMax Large Format Desktop
3D Printer

We have a huge 3D printer farm with over 140,000 cubic inches of print volume running day and night.


With the new gMax 2 we have increased our print volume even more to ensure your parts are completed quickly and efficiently..

Select from a wide range of nozzles and materials to suit your project needs.

E3D 3D Priner Nozzle Tips
Customized Settings for your Project

We can custom tailor our settings to match your print job, whether you need a quick draft or a detailed print.

Looking to print in bulk and reduce your cost?  Printing with a larger nozzle is a great option that will increase our output and lower your bottom line.

layer heights.PNG
Our Facilities

We proudly print, manufacture, assemble, ship, and conduct all of our operations in-house in Brooklyn, NY.


Our recently expanded headquarters is located within the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, which today is at the forefront of innovation and urban manufacturing. 

gCreate HQ Inside The Brooklyn Navy Yards
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