Learn All About Our Materials

From PLA and prototyping plastic to industrial grade polymers, we can work with the materials you require.

FDM printing or (Fused Deposition Modeling) is an inexpensive and efficient way to produce large high quality 3D prints at a minimal cost.

gCreate Various 3D Printing Filament.
Prototyping Plastic

These cost-effective and easy to print materials are perfect for the early stages of development. They are ideal if you are doing many iterations of a project to hone your designs aesthetics and functionality. Not only are these materials great for creating functional working prototypes, they are also excellent for general use projects and designs. 

Flexible Materials
gCreate 3D Printed Airless TPU Tire. Model by GTLMakes.

Flexible Filaments are rubber-like, durable, elastic materials that are perfect for shock absorption, vibration dampening, creating various cases or covers, and even fashion. These materials come in varying degrees of hardness and elasticity; these options make it easy to choose the right material for your project.

Engineering Grade

Engineering grade materials are our most durable and most mechanically sound materials. They produce robust working prototypes and end-use parts that are reliable for complex workloads and will last through heavy wear and tear. Although they are the most expensive of our line up they are the practical choice for mechanical, functional parts

gCreate 3D Printed Carbo Fibe PLA Rim. Model by GTLMakes.
Special Compounds & Finishes

Some projects require a specific aesthetic quality; these materials will help you get the "look" you are seeking. From a shimmering surface to a polished metallic or wood finish, these materials will not only give you great functional parts but beautiful ones as well.

Advanced Printing

Advanced printing processes are complex printing techniques that are utilized for a very specific purpose. Often the model has to be made with these particular processes in mind. These techniques can be beneficial in your prototyping or design workflow, and we can work with you to utilize them.